Whether you are looking to support your current human resources department or interested in retaining an HR professional part time, ETC can help. As with all of our services, we tailor our consulting approach to meet your needs, large or small. We do everything from conducting one or two brief training sessions to update your team on a change in legislation or best practices, to showing you better ways to retain top talent.

A well-managed HR department is key to a company’s success.

Our HR professionals can supply answers to basic questions such as:

  • Are the right people being hired to foster company growth?
  • Are existing employees engaged, productive and properly compensated?
  • How do I retain the best people and keep them from running off to competitors?

We can show you how to streamline your screening processes so you can find the best candidates quickly and eliminate the cost of sorting through unqualified candidates. We make recommendations based on your business model, goals, and your candidate pool.

Even if you have an HR team in place, we can supplement and support their work, making sure your company is operating smoothly.
We also offer solutions in other areas that can impact your bottom line such as testing, background checks, and applicant screening. We can also help with compliance, personnel policies, incentive programs, management of foreign workers, and retention strategies.

Employees are a substantial investment.

Our job is to help you manage that asset by engaging in strategic planning. We can work with you to ensure you have the best HR practices in place to allow your company to grow and prosper.

HR consulting fees are billed on a project or hourly basis.