Ellis-HubbardEllis Hubbard serves as Team Manager of the Employer Service Representatives at ETC. He oversees a team that performs inside/outside sales to targeted employers based on market trends and jobseeker data. Prior to joining ETC, Ellis’ career took him through 20 years of successful sales and sales management experiences.

Ellis’ workforce experience from the corporate side with HoustonWorks USA to the career counseling, staffing specialist and business consultant positions previously with ETC, allows him to give his staff and customers a global perspective on how the Workforce Solutions brand can affect positive change for both the job seeker and the job provider.  He brings experience working in outside sales for a leading local staffing company where he was successful in growing market share at a time when they were struggling with high turnover and possible layoffs.  He has also shown the ability to effectively lead, train and inspire teams in a variety of industries – in both high and low stress circumstances – and he brings this to ETC to combine with their plethora of workforce expertise.