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Has Your Performance Appraisal Lost its Way?

There seems to be a growing movement to end performance appraisals. A Google search of performance appraisals generates results like “Get Rid of the Performance Review…” “Abolishing Performance Appraisals” “…Scrap Employee Performance Reviews.”  Why? Opponents of it believe that it is a flawed system that needs to be removed from all organizations, but like one […]

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Unadvertised Tax Incentive Saves Company $174,000.00

There’s nothing like hearing my grocery store cashier say “Thank you Mrs. Janssen, you just saved X amount of money today shopping here.”  Ding!  I’m happy to ring that silver bell on the counter.  Who wouldn’t want to save money on things they need to buy anyway?

I can’t say that I’ve turned down these savings, […]

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2012 Bond Projects

Hello…My Name is Bond

Bonds were a big issue in the November 2012 election. Major bonds include $4.36 billion for the City of Houston, $425 million for Houston Community College, $2.89 billion for the Houston Independent School District, and $1.2 billion for the Port of Houston – and that is only scratching the surface. So with […]

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A Changing Economy Means a Changing Workforce

Houston was recently named the fourth best performing city in the United States based on a 2012 Milken Institute study. The study considered 200 major metropolitan areas and examined job, wage, and technology growth, with the most weight on job growth. The Houston area fared well even in the economic downturn, but even then jumped […]

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Is Your Company Capitalizing on ‘Free Money’?

As we all know, “mon-ey makes the world go around…the world go around…the world go around.”

If you are a fan of Liza Minnelli  & Joel Grey’s melodious duet, you may have caught that first sentence was a musical segue into the topic of money and how operations may capitalize on their investments: namely their hiring […]

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The Case for Job Hoppers

To Hire or Not To Hire?
I can’t even start to count the number of recruiters or hiring managers who have told me they immediately disqualify candidates who have had too many jobs in a short period of time, or haven’t stayed at their jobs for some arbitrary minimum length of time. Just today, I read […]

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