Employment & Training Centers, Inc. (ETC) solicits qualified individuals or firms to provide audit and tax preparation services. Firm selection will be based on firm qualifications and experience, scheduling availability, and price quotations. We intend to contract for one year, with four renewal options. Audit work will be performed during April 2018. Because ETC operates in the government contracting industry, we comply with government procurement and audit requirements.

Here are two files:

Solicitation: Click Here 2018 Audit RFP

Attachments: Click Here 2018 Audit RFP-Attachments

A pre-bid conference will be held in our offices at 3355 West Alabama Street, Suite 350, Houston, TX 77098 at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Attendees will be able to review our most recent audited financial statements and ask questions in an open forum.

Responses are due by noon on February 14, 2018.