For the past twelve years, ETC has contracted with Workforce Solutions, a comprehensive human resources provider serving the Houston-Galveston Gulf Coast region as its Employer Service Division.

The Workforce Solutions system is made up of hundreds of workforce professionals, and three times each year, contractors nominate staff they believe best exhibit the I AM Workforce Solutions principles and excellent customer service.

ETC is proud to have received three of the four Customer Service Awards granted thus far by the Regional Management Team, a group comprised of contractor and H-GAC staff. The latest recipient is our own Michael Gutierrez, Regional Manager for ETC.

As a Regional Manager, Michael Gutierrez works with staff to determine customer wants and needs, demonstrates understanding and flexibility when customers require changes, and continuously evaluates the service delivery process to identify opportunities for improvement.

He has worked on a number of major employer downsizings including NASA and BAE. His unwavering commitment to providing quality service have made these difficult transitional periods for both employers and employees manageable and productive. By leveraging community resources, Michael was able to help workers identify transferable skills and access training opportunities.

Since coming to work for ETC, Michael has become known for delivering first class service to customers. We are proud of you, Michael!